Different Types Of Pasta Recipes And How To Cook Them

Different Types Of Pasta Recipes And How To Cook Them

Pasta is a type of Italian food, usually made from an unleavened flour made of durum wheat flour (semolina), mixed with water or eggs and sliced or made into various shapes, then boiled or baked. Cooked. Rice flour, or legumes such as beans or lentils, are sometimes used instead of wheat flour for a different taste and texture, or as a gluten-free alternative. Pasta is the main center of Italian cuisine. and there are many types of pasta.

Pasta is divided into two broad categories: dried (dried pasta) and fresh (fresh pasta). Most dried pasta is produced commercially through an extrusion process, although it can be produced at home. Fresh pasta is traditionally manufactured by hand, sometimes with the help of simple machines. Fresh pasta available in supermarkets is mass-produced commercially by machines.

Both dried and fresh pasta come in various forms and varieties, with 310 distinct variants known by over 1300 documented names. In Italy, names of specific shapes or types of pasta often vary by location. For example, the Cavettelli pasta form is known by 28 different names depending on the city and region. Common forms of pasta include long and short figures, tubes, flat shapes or sheets, miniature shapes for soups, which are intended to be stuffed or stuffed, and special or decorative shapes.

Pasta Varieties / Types of Pasta

Pasta Varieties / Types of Pasta

  • Long pasta
  • Small Pasta
  • Pasta minutes (parsnip, used for soup)
  • pasta all’uovo (egg pasta)
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Pasta (baked pasta) for pasta dishes

How to make pasta

Some different types of pasta dishes may include spinach or pure vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms, cheeses, herbs, spices and other spices. While pasta is generally made from unleavened flour, yeast flour is also known for at least nine different forms of pasta.

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Here are Few Types Of pasta :

1. Angel’s hair – Different types of pasta

types of pasta

Angel’s hair is a variety of long, very thin and delicate paste. The thick sauce may be too heavy for this, so go with a thin cream sauce or mix it with a mixed butter (like our recipe that uses a lot of fresh herbs, yum!).

Butter mixed with angel hair pasta

2. Cannelloni – types of pasta

Cannelloni pasta

Cannelloni is a large tube-shaped pasta. Think of zit, but then make it large. Due to the size, it is an ideal sample to fill with stuffing, such as cheese or sauce and is often cooked as a saucepan.

3. Konchigali – another type of pasta

different types of pasta

These shell-shaped pasta portions are available in different sizes. Consider combining it with a sauce that will remain in the center of the shell shape, such as a thick sauce made with cheese, cream or tomato. (This type of pasta also works well in soups).

4. Ditalini – different types of pasta recipes

type of pasta

Translated as “small fingers”, Ditalini is very small pasta tubes. It goes well with creamy sauce in mac sauce but is often found in soups.

5. Farfalle – the variety of pasta

cook pasta easily

These pasta portions look a lot like short bow ties. In fact, some call “bow-tie pasta.” And it is as versatile as it is fun! These people are suitable for tomato or cream-based sauces with butter or olive oil. It also works when combined with vegetables, such as our Farfail fried eggplant recipe, with ricotta and tomato sauce.

6. Lasagna – types of pasta name

lasagna pasta


Large, wide, flat sheets of pasta with frosted edges, lasagna is used in the most famous dish that bears the same name. The best comfort food, this pasta is made with layers of casserole noodles, sauces, cheese, and other fillings. Delish!

7. Linguine

Linguine is another type of pasta

Linguine with clam sauce

Long, thin, flat strips of pasta dish is that resemble flattened spaghetti, often using lignin with clam-based sauces or other seafood. But it is quite versatile! It works with tomatoes, cream-based and more with a slightly “wet” sauce.

8. Macaroni

Macaroni with cheese and meat

Think of the hollow space inside these small bent pasta tubes as a vehicle for sticky delicacy. Cream sauces, salted cheeses or tomato sauces without many sauces can be filled with macaroni, producing delicious fruit results. And, of course, don’t forget the classic macaroni and cheese! (Try our macaroni and beef cheese to give the protein a full twist).

9. Manicotti

another type of pasta

manicotti pasta

Like cannelloni, manicotti is large hanging pasta tubes that practically ask to be filled. It is often filled with ricotta, then baked with tomato sauce.

10. Orecchiette

types of pasta

Broccoli Pasta

Orecchiette translates as “small ears” and small forms of pasta that actually resemble small cartoon ears, or perhaps small bowls. When preparing Orecchiette dishes, consider slightly thicker sauces or juicy ingredients, such as broccoli and sausage, which can fill small containers in flavored pasta sizes.

11. Pappardelle

types of pasta shapes


These flat pasta ribbons are almost like fettuccine, but they are made for a fairly wide and strong sauce. So bring thick and thick meat sauce to this working paste.

12. Fettuccine

types of pasta with pictures

Fettuccine Pasta

Fettuccine is flat pasta ribbons, somewhere wide between linguine and pappardelle. As it is a very strong pasta, it can withstand thick sauces and works well with meat or vegetables. And, of course, there is the always classic Fettuccine Alfredo!

13. Pastina

how many types of pasta

These small pasta shells can get lost in the sauce. Serve with a light dressing, such as olive oil or butter, some condiments and maybe a Parmesan cheese shake. It is also excellent in soups like classic chicken noodles!

14. Penne

different types of pasta recipes

These medium-sized broken pasta tubes have cut edges along a diagonal. Combine peanuts with a variety of sauces, including cream, tomato or meat-based sauces. Try to keep the consistency of the sauce less thick, since you want the sauce to flow into the hollow pasta tubes and use it to taste. Our Pena Alla Chakka recipe is an excellent starting point.

15. Rigatoni

types of pasta name

These flat-shaped tubes are slightly larger and flattened than medium-sized tubes, which have flat ends. The large hollow space means that it is suitable for slightly thicker or more textured sauces: dishes with meat sauces, cream sauces, and vegetables. (You can bake it on a pasta cake!)

16. Rotelle

different types of pasta names

In the shape of small car wheels, these cuts are often called “car wheel pulp.” The tomato sauce and thick but not thick cream works well with rotelle and is also suitable for dishes

7. Rotini

all types of pasta

These small and medium-sized spiral coils, well rolled, are best used with sauces that can seep into those corners and cracks. We love it with cream or tomato sauce, although it is also excellent when cooked in a stew.

18. Tagliatelle

list of pasta types

Tagletel with meat sauce

These flat pasta ribbons fall somewhere between Finucane and elaborate pappardelle and work well with oil, garlic and seafood dishes. But they are thick enough to withstand heavy and non-vegetarian sauces.

19. Torchio

types of pasta noodles

These are perfect for elegant pasta twist sauces that will be caught in their vine shape. Think of thicker options (but not too thick!) Based on cream or tomato.

20. Ziti

types of stuffed pasta

Choose sauces or toppings that are thick enough to “stick” to the smooth sides of these medium-sized pasta tubes. Ziti is famous in cooked ziti, a saucepan made with tomato sauce and cheese.

21. Trenette

how many types of pasta are there

Trenette is a dry, narrow and flat paste commonly associated with the Liguria and Genoa regions in Italy. It is often served with pesto sauce in a traditional preparation known as pesto transit.

22. Cannelloni

types of italian pasta

Allegedly made in Naples by Nicola Federico of Italy, the cannelloni is a cylindrical or tube-shaped paste that is generally three to four inches long, and is often filled with cheese, meat, vegetable or fish fillings.

23. Cavatappi

types of pasta list

Born in southern Italy and named after the Italian word “corkscrew,” the CAVATAPPI is a spiral-shaped hollow paste that is about an inch long, and sometimes streaks or grooves appear on its surface. The famous pasta brand Barilla called the figure Celerani in honor of Celentano, a famous Italian singer from the 1960s. Caitappi is usually served in a tomato-based sauce and is often combined with things like provolone, mozzarella, and parmesan. , or served with our recipe for Summer Caprese Pasta Salad.

24. Garganelli

different types of pasta with pictures

Made of a flat and square pasta noodle that is rolled in a tubular shape, Garganelli has its roots in the Romagna region in Italy and is known for its distinctive grooves made with pasta tubes rolled in a wooden comb. Garganelli a Prosciutto e Piselli is often enjoyed, which is found on a plate that contains a mixture of ham made from onion, peas, and salt.

25. Cavatelli

types of pasta with names

Cavatelli is named after the Italian verb, which means “hollow out or carve”, and precisely this pasta of origin from southern Italy resembles a small hollow shell similar to a hot dog bun. One of the most delicious types of pasta, cavatelli is usually enjoyed with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce or in combination with the famous recipe for cavatelli and broccoli.

26. Conchiglie

types of pasta names

This small sea-shaped pasta originates in Italy and is one of the most popular pasta forms in the region because it is specifically designed to contain more sauce. Common applications for conchiglie include pasta, soup, and stews.

27. Cappelletti

different types of pasta shapes

Originally from the ancient Italian city of Modena, Capellletti is named after the Italian word “little cap” and its form is certainly in this analogy. As a dumbbell-style pasta, the cappelletti is stuffed with meat and is usually served in a rich chicken or Capone broth.

28. Fagottini

different types of pasta with pictures and names

Fagottini, which is believed to come from Sicily, is Italian for “small packages”, a suitable description of this random pasta. Fagottini is usually filled with vegetables such as green beans, carrots, and onions, as well as olive oil.

29. Mezzelune

diferent types of pasta

The Italian word means “half-moon”, filled with semicircular mezzalune pasta. It originated in Tyrol, an autonomous region of northern Italy, and is usually filled with Bitto cheese, eggs, milk, and white pepper. Mezelune is usually served with a sauce consisting of mushrooms, white wine, and sweet butter.

30. Spatzal

different types of pasta recipe

Unlike most types of pasta, spatzels originated with the Swabian people of southwest Germany. It is an egg-based paste that generally has a round shape, but may have an irregular shape when handmade. Consisting of simply eggs, flour and salt, the spatzle is often served as a garnish with butter or topped with gravy or cream sauce.

31. Sedani

how many types of pasta

If you cut the edges of the penne paste angles, you will basically be sedani. Although its origin is unknown, it is reasonable to assume that it originated as a Penne dynasty, born in Sicily. Sedani is usually served with tomato sauce, but it is served only with cheese or butter.

32. Pappardelle

different types of pasta recipes

Strolling through the region of the southern middle of Tuscany, Italy, pappardelle is a flat, ribbon-style pasta that is cut into very wide shapes, not very different from the wider fettuccine. Pappardelle is one of the types of pasta that is an excellent combination for a wide range of sauces, from meat to seafood and vegetables, or with artichokes, beans, and ham in this Peppardelle recipe.

33. Fettuccine

types of pasta recipes

This very popular type of pasta which has some esoteric origins, since it has many different names in different regions of Italy, although it seems that fettuccine pasta is mainly used in Rome. It is a long, flat, tape-shaped paste with a thick thickness, usually 10 inches long and approximately 1/4 inch wide. Fettuccine is used in all types of culinary applications, here is a recipe for fettuccine pasta with cherry tomatoes and peppers, but most are known outside of Italy for use with Alfredo cream sauce.

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