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maggi noodles recipe

What makes Maggi so special? The answer to this is quite simple – the staple food of individuals irrespective of demographics and geography. Very hard to believe but Maggi is a huge hit not only among kids but also with their grandparents, which sometimes leads to kind of World War on the dining table for the extra noodle strands (remember Amitabh Bachchan gorging Maggi in the advertisements). What also makes this 2-minute noodles (they took more preparation time BTW) is the scope of creativity it provided the makers with. Thanks to Maggi and our very own home-made innovation added to it, all of us ended up seeing ourselves as expert chefs. And why not, take a look at these seven delicious recipes to make Maggie and treat yourself.

1. Classic Masala Maggi

make maggi noodles

Keep it simple. The preparation of this remains same with adding water, tastemaker and noodles. There is nothing like having a plain-jane Maggi with the favourite tomato sauce. Nothing in the world can beat this, especially when your tummy demands food at odd hours say 3.30 night. Enjoy.

2. Cheese Maggi recipe


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After making packets of Maggi over the years, we can make it even in our sleep. So now that you have made the Maggi, all you have to do is grate the cheddar cheese cubes or also put a slice of cheese on the hot maggie. The melting cheese on the noodles is the best sight and trust us, it tastes like heaven.

3. Chinese spicy Maggie recipe

maggi noodles recipe

The love for Maggi and home-made Chinese food is nothing new to us. So while making this avatar of Maggi, you will need to do some frying and tossing of vegetables. Take spring onions, carrots and toss it up with garlic-ginger paste. Add Maggi noodles with the tastemaker, put some water (less compared to the usual recipes) and the yummy noodles are ready to eat.

4. how to make Tomato-Egg Maggi recipe

This has to be one of the commonly loved variations of maggie. Add finely cut tomatoes and one or two eggs in Maggie and Whoa, one the finest delicacies is on your plate. One can also try making a proper bhurji-Maggi. Prepare the Egg Bhurji and toss it up with Maggi.

5. Soupy Maggi


If you are tired of chewing the long strand of Maggi and instead want to gulp it down, you should make yourself soupy Maggi. Add extra bowl of water in the usual preparations. In addition to the Maggi masala, add one-fourth teaspoon of garam masala and chilli powder according to your taste.

6. Open Maggi Toast Sandwich recipe

For this you will need the classic Maggi Masala cooked as mentioned above. You will need the mozzarella cheese spread and the normal wheat bread. Toast the bread till its crispy. Add one layer of mozzarella cheese spread on the toast and the pre-cooked Maggi to feast yourself.

7. Maggi Noodles Frankie

maggi noodles

For preparing Maggi Noodles Frankie, you will need the classic masala Maggi, Frankie bread (maida roti). You will also require the finely chopped carrot, cabbage and spring onion. Bake the bread and stir fry the chopped vegetables with a bit of schezwan sauce and add salt to taste. Take the cooked bread as base, spread an even layer of Maggi Hot and Sweet sauce, add the noodles and stir-fried vegetables. Sprinkle chaat masala over the frankie, roll it to eat it.

All the above Maggi recipes can be prepared using the maggi atta noodles or maggi oats noodles. Now that we have listed these yummilicious maggi recipes, all you gotta do is don the proverbial chef coat and prepare yourself a plate of maggi.

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