Egg Maggi recipe | how to make egg Maggi

egg maggi noodles recipe

Today I am sharing my favorite variation of Maggie, egg Maggi recipe. This is a street maggi style dish that I learned from the man in my canteen when I used to work for Flipkart in Bangalore. She made such delicious egg maggi that it became my favorite snack or a quick lunch. I had never tried Egg Maggi before and I really loved the idea because it makes Maggi more filling! They added lots of onions and peppers and capsicum and everyone in the office loved it!

How to make egg maggi & egg maggi noodles recipe

I recreated this egg maggi recipeat home and came up with a slightly more spicy version of my Flipkart Maggi. If you like egg Maggi recipe, then definitely try this recipe and it is also easy to make. It is awesome and filling too. I usually add 2 eggs per egg maggi when the eggs are small in size and sometimes add chopped cabbage for some extra crunch (think chow min). If something is lying around you, mix the cabbage. Try this recipe and I am sure it will become one of your favorite Maggi recipes

follow the Ingredients to make egg maggi recipe

2-3 eggs (use 3 if eggs are smaller in size)

2 single packs of Maggi

Slightly less than 1 ½ cup of water

(Medium onion (sliced)

Capsicum or Bell Pepper (sliced)

Red or Green Chili to taste (chopped)

1 cup chopped cauliflower (optional)

Powder Spoon Roasted Cumin Powder (optional)

½ teaspoon garam masala

. Tsp red chili powder or to taste

salt and pepper to taste

1-2 tablespoons olive oil or vegetable oil

2-3 tablespoons of hot and sweet Maggi sauce (or ketchup)

Instructions to make egg maggi recipe

1 To cook Maggi, in a Microwave Safe Bowl, break 2 packs of Maggi, add seasoning, leaving a little bit to garnish at the end.

2 Add a little less than 1 less cup of water. bake high in
the microwave for 4 minutes. Once done, keep it aside. Don’t worry if you leave
some water, Maggie will soak it up. Do not be tempted to cook more, you do not
want to make Maggi delicious.

Maggi Noodles | Maggi Recipe

3 You can also cook egg maggi recipe on the stove, follow
the same instructions (but boil the water and then add the Maggi).

how to make maggi masala and noodles

4 Add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to a pan, add the hot
onions once and fry them on high heat for 4 minutes until the onions turn

How to make egg maggi recipe


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5 Later add capsicum and chili and fry for 3-4 minutes (if
you eat something, add chopped cabbage at this time). Then add spices, a pinch
of turmeric powder, teaspoon garam masala, I tsp red chili powder, ro tsp
roasted cumin powder and salt as per taste.

maggie noodles

6 Cook for a minute and then add 2-3 tablespoons hot and
sweet egg Maggi sauce and saute for another 30 seconds.

Egg maggi

7 Then push the veggies aside, and break 2-3 eggs, scramble and mix the egg maggi noodles recipe with the veggies. Cook until the mixture dries completely.

Egg maggi recipe is ready

8 Toss in the cooked maggi and mix well for about 2 minutes and your egg turns egg maggi noodles recipe . plate up hot and sprinkle some leftover Maggi Masala and crushed black pepper. Enjoy it!

Maggi Recipe

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